Rental of Villa's and apartments in Saly, Senegal - Let yourself be carried away towards a sunny African holiday
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Discover the true Senegal with an unsuspected fauna and a flora

Everything is envisaged so that you lived on unforgettable instants,
close to the natural
Circuits in the choice on 4-5-6-7 days from 2 persons jusqu ' 9 persons from Saly.
Visit of the country Bassari and Bedikh, of the park of Niokolo Koba.
Transport minibus air-conditioned from 4 persons between Saly and Kedougou, chase years circuit in vehicle 4x4 with sworn guide.
Accommodation in double or simple room in hotel any comfort, air-conditioned, swimming pool, restoring, bar. Prick nique in midday in campings

Example of circuit on 5 days
day 1 -Departure of Saly at about 6 h in the morning for Kedougou
Stage midday in the intermediary of Tambacounda
Stopping in NIOKOLO for some catches of views (monkeys, warthog...)

In the evening in l 'hotel Bedikh for diner and a night
D 2 -
Departure at about 8 h for the visit of the waterfall of Dindefelo, registered bathing
Pique nique
Visit of the stuck village d 'Iwol
Diner and harmed in l 'hotel Bedikh

D 3 -
Departure at about 8 h for the visit of Segou almost on Guinean border Small river with natural swimming pools where there are monkeys.
Pique nique
Visit of the marble quarry
Diner and harmed in l 'hotel Bedikh

D 4 -
Departure at 6 h
Visit of the parc of Niokolo Koba
Pique nique in the parc
Diner and harmed intermediary of Tambacounda
D5 -
Departure at about 8 h
Stage at midday in Kaolack
Stopping in Fatick in front of the saline
Arrived at Saly envisaged at about 18 h
Possibility of combining a stay with the residence du port,
Domaine des orangers and circuit.
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The country BEDIK in the Oriental Senegal is rather in altitude. The population
said " People of the happy valley " such qu 'IWOL sees in villages high stuck.
holidays are organized throughout year. Holidays d 'initiation, fecundity,
of the puberty.
Divine force is then invoked to have rain and health.
The Country BASSARI is in most cases in the park of NIOKOLO KOBA and in
Guinean border. Forested people and of hunters-pickers.
TAMBACOUNDA is the regional capital of the Oriental Senegal where meet a lot of
ethnic group.
KEDOUGOU is a big village. The jungl conceals monkeys and pantres.
It is not rare to see during saison of rains on some metres of houses, crocodiles
and hippopotamuses.

KEDOUGOU is a gout front of Afrique Continental where they find musics, various rituals and mixture of cultures.

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