Rental of Villa's and apartments in Saly, Senegal - Let yourself be carried away towards a sunny African holiday
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The  "Rsidences du Port" and the  "Domaine des Orangers" offer you quality :
- Luxurious villas constructed in the pure style of African villages, personally arranged.
- With daily help taking care of your household, cleaning, washing, shopping and preparing your meals for a relaxing stay
- Each villa which is fully air-conditioned has at your disposal a safe  where you can store your valuable, a fully equipped kitchen, a living room,  dinning room, 2 bathrooms with shower and separated toilets, a private garden with covered furnished terrace. The number of bedrooms vary according the type of villa. 
- The spacious air-conditioned apartments, situated by the poolside have a fully equipped kitchen, a living-dining room,  bathroom with shower, separated toilets and a small private garden or a terrace.

With daily cleaning included to assure you a relaxing stay
                     WEEKLY RATE (7 nights)
   RESIDENCE DU PORT / DOMAINE DES ORANGERS                                          
From 15.12 to 30.04
From 01.07 to 31.08
From 01.05 to30.06
From 01.09 to
villa S3
567 Euros
371927 Frs CFA
515 Euros
337818 Frs CFA
villa near the beach
1 000 euros
655 957 Frs CFA
1 000 euros
655 957 Frs CFA
villa near the beach with simming pool
T 3 +
1 200 euros
787 148 frs CFA
1 200 euros
787 148 frs CFA
628 Euros
411 941 Frs CFA
571 Euros
374 551 Frs CFA
715 Euros
469 009 Frs CFA
646 Euros
486 720 Frs CFA
819 Euros
537 229 Frs CFA
742 Euros
486 720 Frs CFA

                           RESIDENCE SAFARI


Case T4
Rf sac42

3 bed rooms
From 15.12 to 30.04
From 01.07 to 31.08

839.08 euros
550 400 Frs CFA
From 01.05 to30.06
From 01.09 to

634.19 euros
416 000 Frs CFA
Case T4 avec piscine
rf sac239
T 4
3 bed rooms
simming pool

1000 euros
655 957 Frs CFA
 975.66 euros
  640 000 Frs CFA
Villa T5 avec piscine
T5 Rf sav
4 bed rooms  dont
une en mezzanine
1 902.56 euros
1 248 000 Frs CFA

1 522.05 euros
998 400 Frs CFA

Discounts for stays of
3 weeks : -15% on entire stay
4 to 6 weeks:  - 25% on the entire stay
For a longer stay: price upon request
- Confirmation of reservations
- Security Control
- Bath and bed linen included
 (weekly renewed  - all supplements will be invoiced to the tenant)

- For the villas T3 - T4 - T5 : a daily household-help  from    9h to 16h
- Tourist  tax : 1000 Frs CFA or 1.52 euro/day/person.
- Consumption of electricity according the reading of the meter at the beginning and the end of the stay. Direct invoicing to the tenant at the following rate : 180 Frs CFA or 0,30 euro/KWH.
- handling fee : 10  euros
- transfers from the airport of  DAKAR to SALY  and back
1 to 2 persons 106.72 euros
3 to 4 persons 121.96 euros
5 to 6 persons 137.20 euros
7 to 10 persons 180 euros
- Household appliances, complete dinner services
- Air-conditioning + mosquito nets (only on the windows)
Signing of the inventory of the rented accommodation, made at arrival .

Deposit equal to 1 week rent, it will be reimbursed at the end of the stay.


All villas or apartments are rented to private individuals who have entrusted their implementation rental Agency, acting as their representative on site. Subletting is prohibited. These villas are reserved for the exclusive use of residence.

1) - the tenant has sent 30% deposit.
2) - Agency returned a lease dated and numbered.
3) - the tenant must return the signed contract within a week and accepted without any erasure or score line.
4) - The contract is then closed and the following clauses are applicable.
The villas are to be occupied only by the number corresponding to the number of persons sleeping, no extra bed or mattress will not be tolerated and installed and in case of problems the deposit paid will be acquired and the tenant will be obliged to vacate . The apartment is furnished with furniture, crockery, cooking utensils and household linen, blankets and bed sheets. It is expressly forbidden to use the beds without sheets, the latter being delivered on the day of arrival.
LESSEE will not under any circumstances bring an animal on the premises without permission of the owner or his agent. He must abstain absolutely throw in sinks, bathtubs, showers, bidets, toilets objects likely to obstruct the pipes, otherwise, it will bear the costs of rehabilitation devices. He shall bear no rent reduction repairs shipowner in case the emergency would make necessary during the rental period. It authorizes AGENCY to perform all the work necessary for the proper operation and proper maintenance of the house, even in the absence of the tenant. INTERRUPTION operation, even on public services: water, electricity does not justify a reduction in rent or damages or breach of lease if they are not due to an act of will by the lessor.
The TENANT agrees to occupy the premises bourgeois and respect the rules of ownership.

The lessee has paid an advance of the lease agrees to take possession of the premises to the provision specified in the contract and pay the keys before the balance of the rental price, whatever may happen, disease , accident or unforeseen event, even if the room can not be made. For its part, the AGENCY agrees to make available to the tenant type villa in the contract.

INSURANCE: The tenant must be provided in RC resort against the risks of theft, fire, water damage and justify the lessor at the keys. The agency can not be held responsible for disaster.


The lease is granted for a stay that begins on the day of arrival and ending on the day of departure. Key collection takes place on the day of arrival. A lump sum of 30.49 ??? (20,000 CFA francs) will be required to renter in case of loss or theft of a key which has been delivered. No discount key can not be done outside of normal working hours except in special cases AGENCY confirmed by the AGENCY.
In case of loss of the safe key, the tenant will be charged a lump sum amount of ??? 305.
INVENTORY of all objects contained in the leased premises will be given to the tenant on the date of taking possession. It will be required to verify, report it to the AGENCY within 48 hours with observations. After this period, it will be deemed to comply. The LESSEE shall report to AGENCY any damage or breakage occurred during his stay. None of the objects in a flat installed should be moved to another. Any object transferred from one villa to another will be considered missing.
TENANT wishing to extend their stay must apply no later than 48 hours before the scheduled date. If an extension is possible, he must immediately pay the corresponding amount. If the tenant does not relieve the premises at the date and time fixed by this Regulation, it is required to pay the rent due for the period not covered in the original contract and the amount of damages that may be claimed by the tenant whose stay would thus compromise.

The day of the release, the TENANT will be required to put in each room objects designated therein. Must refund the missing or damaged objects and will be liable for damage or deterioration that could make the rent. If these costs exceed the amount of the deposit, the tenant agrees to pay the balance.

In no event will S.D.T.A.H. can not be blamed for everything concerning transfers, excursions and entertainment in general. Delay, accidents ... Only involved the responsibilities of taxi providers and their insurance. Thank you for warning in case of delay of your flight for transfer. Any transfer made by the provider for nothing will be charged.

The deposit is returned within eight days after the departure of the tenant in case of impossibility of contradictory state of affairs.

The tenant must leave the house clean, dishes, appliances, carpeting ... Non-compliance with this clause causes more costs reordering of a lump sum of 45.73 ??? (30,000 CFA francs)
In case of theft, the tenant objects are not guaranteed, or money and valuables placed in the trunk. Any responsibility to the tenant for the duration of their stay for any damage that may occur. It belongs to the tenant to purchase insurance before leaving it deems necessary for both the home he rents for his own property, his person and third-party liability.
The tenant declares to be aware of all the clauses of the contract and accept without limitation or qualification. In case of dispute, the courts are competent THIES.

Thank you kindly tell us the date, time of arrival of aircraft and flight number to enable us to transfer DAKAR DAKAR-SALY - In case of delayed flights or particular problem call our office at 00221 33 957 36 91 or 00221 77 450 88 46
Any voyage will be charged.
For customers who do not transfer with our service, please come to the main entrance of the residence, a night reception is assured.


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