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Tree Fruit Research and Extension

WSU Tree Fruit Research and Extension develops and applies research-based information for sustainable tree fruit production in Washington and the world.

Recent News

Pear Productivity Study Circle Highlights

Published on
At a recent WSU Extension study circle pear producers discussed tactics to improve productivity. Here we summarize highlights from the conversation.

Días de campo para el manejo del vector de la enfermedad fitoplasma-X

Published on
Resumen de los puntos más importantes del día de campo

X-Disease Phytoplasma Vector Management Field Days

Published on
Summary of the main learning points discussed in the LCD field days

2021 Apple Pesticide Residue Study Report

Published on
A summary report, the detailed report for the 2021 study, and previous reports from similar projects on apple and cherry are presented on the WTFRC…

Are you interested in releasing beneficial insects for pest control in orchards?

Published on
Give researchers input on where you see the most opportunity for beneficial releases and what barriers limit their use.

2022 Generic Cosmic Crisp® Waxing Protocol

Published on
For a good wax coating cleaning and preparing the apple is essential. For best results don’t rush the line. Apply a consistent speed and avoid…

Identifying Heat Damage in WA 38

Published on
With the 2021 growing season, and the record-breaking high heat that it brought to the entire Pacific Northwest in the rearview mirror, orchard managers, packers,…

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2021 Codling Moth Survey
Codling moth has been the key pest of pome fruits across the growing regions of Washington and Oregon for over a hundred years. Over that time, pest management programs regularly evolved as key pesticides were phased…

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Honeydew Washing Systems – Adding a Cultural Control to your Toolbox – Pear IPM Study Circles

Mission Creek Community Club
Event Details

Irrigation for Fruit Quality – Pear Horticulture Study Circle

Mission Creek Community Club
Event Details

2022 Technology Research Review – Virtual

Event Details

Using pear psylla phenology to better time applications – Pear IPM Study Circle

Mission Creek Community Club
Event Details

Assembling an IPM programs that work – Pear IPM Study Circle

Mission Creek Community Club
Event Details

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Featured Videos

La importancia del análisis foliar

Para mantener un huerto saludable, Bernadita Sallato recomienda monitoreo del estado nutricional del huerto usando la herramienta del análisis foliar.

Honeycrisp Meetup: Post Harvest. Part 4. Brainstorming.

Honeycrisp Meetup: Post harvest session. Brainstorming session. Bernardita Sallato talks about a new problem WA growers are facing with Honeycrisp she has been investigating. Experts from Cornell University, Michigan State University, Washington State University and…

Honeycrisp Meetup: Post Harvest Part 3. Q&A

Honeycrisp Meetup: Post harvest session. Questions and Answers regarding Honeycrisp post harvest management. Include faculty experts from Cornell University, Michigan State University, Washington State University and experienced growers: Bruce Allen, Washington and Chris Kropf, Michigan….

Honeycrisp Meetup: Post Harvest. Part 2.

Honeycrisp Meetup: Post harvest session. Dr. Christopher Watkins, Cornell University. Shares a short overview about the effect of plant growth regulators (PGRs) on Post Harvest Management. Webinar series hosted by Mario Miranda Sazo, Cornell Cooperative…

Honeycrisp Meetup: Post Harvest. Part 1.

Honeycrisp Meetup: Post harvest Session. Dr. Randy Beaudry, Michigan State University professor, gives an overview of Honeycrisp problems during storage. Meeting hosted by Mario Miranda Sazo, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Anna Wallis, Michigan State University and…

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Recent Publications

Field scale application of Brassica seed meal and anaerobic soil disinfestation for the control of apple replant disease.

Study published June 2021 in Applied Soil Ecology shows potential of anaerobic soil disinfestation and biorenovation with mustard meals for mitigation of replant disease.

Towards rapid detection and mapping of powdery mildew in apple orchards

Chandel, Khot, Sallato Dec 2020. Powdery mildew (PM) in apples is a critical fungal disease that adversely affects yield and fruit quality. Conventional PM identification techniques are laborious. This study evaluated the suitability of non-destructive…

Photoselective Protective Netting Improves “Honeycrisp” Fruit Quality

Sara Serra et al. Dec 2020. High temperatures, wind, and excessive sunlight can negatively impact yield and fruit quality in semi-arid apple production regions. Netting was originally designed for hail protection, but it can modify…

Sweet Cherries

L. Long, G. Lang & C. Kaiser Dec 2020. This new book provides comprehensive coverage of the history, genetic improvements, production physiology of growth and cropping, orchard establishment and management, and harvest considerations for sustainable…

Recent Achievements and New Research Opportunities for Optimizing Macronutrient Availability, Acquisition, and Distribution for Perennial Fruit Crops

Lee Kalcsits et al. 10/2020. Here, we highlight recent advancements and identify knowledge gaps in nutrient dynamics across the soil–rhizosphere–tree continuum for fruit crops.

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